Apr 3, 2014

Operation Christmas Child 2014

Well all the Mongolian children are now on their spring break.  We here in Bayankhongor received our gifts on the early side this year and the Provincial volunteer team who is responsible for the gift distribution and The Greatest Journey Distributuion 2014 011Mission TGJ 010course did a great job in getting the gifts out to the countryside.  We have distributed over 1,800 gifts and by God’s grace we are able to get another 200 next week from the city to finish out the year.

Teachers like myself are now teaching The Greatest Journey and should be finished just as school lets out for the summer.

Thank you to everyone around the world who either prepared a box or help organize the process.  It takes a lot of energy for a shoe box to go from a child’s hands in the west to a child’s hands here.  But it is well worth the effort.

shoebox 094shoebox 085

Mar 21, 2014

A little TLC

Plants like relationships need “Tender Loving Care” or TLC every once in a while. I remember seeing a plant at my grandfather’s house when I was younger that looked dead. “Grandpa you need to get rid of that plant,” I told him. “No,” he said “it just needs a little TLC”. If you have ever kept a plant or grown a garden you know a little TLC can go a long way. Sunburn on new transplants, dry July weather, infestation of bugs, life happens and a good gardener cares for the plants so that they can do their job producing a harvest.

Relationships also need a little TLC. We have all experienced relationships that have, over time, grown apart. Whether it is roommates from university, or co-workers from your last job, there are no hard feelings or problems but as life happens we grow apart. Then when we see each other again the happiness and joy we feel as we renew the relationship is always good. Also when hard times in life happen that thoughtful card or visit makes our relationships stronger.

In Mongolia keeping up on relationships can be difficult, lots of kilometers to travel very few roads to do so on. Many people feel isolated in the soums (villages) and desire for people to visit. Also most of the vegetables are transported from the province capital. For a JCS couple living in Bayankhongor these two problems have created a unique opportunity.

Jeff and Shauna Spence members of JCS are keeping up with relationships and providing locally grown vegetables with one small project. Last year Jeff started a Bayankhongor greenhouse project where participants receive a small loan for the building material and Jeff with some local partners visit multiple times a year and are committed to working with them for at least 5 years. While they are building a few greenhouses in the province capital the focus is in the soums (villages). Last year they had a good harvest in the two greenhouses that were started. This year they are planting 3 more greenhouses and continuing to work with the first two.

As we have been working in a soum we are working alongside the local church leader. He is a young man and has a heart to spiritually lead his community. As we have gotten to know each other it is exciting to see him invest in relationships with other believers as we are investing in him. He visits the families in the evening when they get home from work. Sometimes he has a word from the Bible to share, other times they play chess and pray for each other.

In order to know that your plants need a little more nitrogen or water you have to be there. You need to spend time in your garden. The same is with relationships, you need to be there. And as life happens, whether it is bugs, or dealing with a difficult child JCS is there giving a little TLC wherever it is needed.

Jan 2, 2014

2013 Winter Forum

Every Year HAB holds a winter forum for all our leaders throughout the province.  We had a really good meeting this year with good reports from countryside leaders who shared honestly how they are doing.  It was good to see them talking with each other and learning from one another.


We were also able to have an afternoon of fellowship with praise music, dancing, and games.  Thank you World Vision for helping make this possible.

IMG_0032 IMG_0035

IMG_0038 IMG_0031

Jun 9, 2013

Green House Project

The green house project is going very well. We have built two green houses. One of them is here in Bayankhongor City and the other is in Shargozood. Here are some photos of how the project is coming in along in both cities.

Oct 5, 2012

Home Ministry Assignment Schedule

This is our schedule as of now but it is subject to change. If you want to see us please email us at sleighspence@gmail.com.

Oct. 31st fly to U.S.

Nov. 1st arrive in Chicago, IL-Jeff's parents picking us up

Nov. 4th Molly's Church Tremont, IL

Nov. 5-8th Indiana for doc. Appointment and voting and South Bend, IN visit

Nov. 11th Grandma Muick's church Eureka, IL/

Nov. 14-15th going to Little Rock, AK to visit Ken and Peg Hartter

Nov. 15-19th going to Weatherford, OK for cousins wedding

Nov. 25th The Oaks Community Church Dahinda, IL (S.School and short 5 min. update in 2 services)

Dec. 2nd Groveland Missionary Church Groveland, IL (message and update)

Dec. 9th Eureka Methodist Church Eureka, IL/P.M. Service Mound Chapel, Decatur, IL 6 p.m.

Dec. 12th Debbriefing at World Partners at 9 a.m.

Dec. 14-15 visiting Spence cousins in West Lafayette, IN

Dec. 30th Midland Miss. Church Midland, MI (S. School Q & A, 30 min service time)

Jan. 5-6th Colonial Woods Port Huron, MI (Sat. night service and short interview in Sun. a.m. service)

Jan. 20th Dunfee Missionary Church Fort Wayne, IN

Jan. 27th Grace Missionary Church Celina, OH

Feb. 3rd Mom and Dad McCune church Geneva, IN

Feb. 9th baby 3 due!!

Feb. 10th Union Chapel Lima, OH

Feb. 17th West Berne Miss. Church Berne, IN (evening services)

March 10th Vandalia, IL United Methodist church S.S. and 5 minute update in service

March 17th Bedford, Iowa New Life Church

March 24th Spring Lake Miss. Church Manito, IL (morning service)

March 31st First Miss Church North Pekin, IL S.S. and message along with report

Oct 4, 2012

Ger Makeover

You know the show "Home Make Over" well the churches of Bayankhongor were able to do a "Ger Make Over" Mongolia style. Early this past summer we took an offering amoung all the believers for the poor of Bayankhongor. From people giving around $1 we had 1,000 USD to help the poor. We decided to help one family really well.

The family we chose has been living in a wood house with no insulation. A few years ago the Husband's brother got married and so they gave up their ger as a wedding gift. He works with his hands making ger furniture, the wife helps him when she can but has no strength in her hands. They have 3 children.

We first bought some wood and ordered some ger furniture to be built by the Husband. The local church donated a used ger that we cleaned up and bought new coverings for. From the 1,000 USD we had the ger furniture built, ger coverings, refridgerator, washing machine, and kitchen things. (No matter what you say the Mongolian ger is by far the most cost effective way to live here in BH)

That morning we took the family around town where a shop gave them a TV and another one gave them some clothing. When they came home they found they had a new place. They were very surprised and it was a huge blessing to them. When the Church acts like the Church is supposed to Amazing things like this happen.

Praise God

May 11, 2012

Celebrate Recovery Center in Bayankhongor

We have recently started a Celebrate Recovery Half-Way House in Bayankhongor. This is a live in situation for individuals (usually men) who are looking to escape their addictions. Four men moved into a ger a month ago to begin studying, living, and encouraging one another. A church leader has begun this as his ministry. He was able to get some help from World Vision in the form of a large truck of wood that the guys are cutting up and selling in bags. The money they are making from this is covering the cost of the food. JCS was able to help get the building ready. JCS bought a new fuel efficient stove, electrical wire, lights, and other odds and ends to get the building livable. The local churches helped with cups, plates, and other furniture items. Whenever begining a ministry like this it is always 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. Now only 2 of the men are still at the center. They are half way through the Celebrate Recovery course, but more importantly they are sharing with each other and determined to get dry. Makaranz, the church leader, spends everyday with them. Join us in prayer for these men and Makaranz.